Start Guide

Wonder Bet, is a social media application. THE APPLICATION DOES NOT CONTAIN OR HAVE OR WILL HAVE ANY WAY OF DIRECT GAMBLING OR BETTING OR ANY OTHER WAY THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO BET OR GAMBLE YOUR MONEY THROUGH THE APPLICATION. ONLY GOAL IS TO SHARE CONTENT WITH OTHER USERS. This content can be images, videos, polls and betting tips. In the near feature we would like to add more content sharing options. Our content specifies on sport betting tips and sports and anything else you feel you want to share.

Be Carefull

If you are not a well self controll person and you feel that you are not able to controll your self when it comes to betting or gambling then we would like to strongly advice you to either do not use the application or to be very carefull. The reason for this is because in the application content you may find sports betting tips. We just try to share our ideas about betting or other tips and techniques. We dont force or promote or try to make anyone to bet or gamble. Whatever you are going to do with the content and the infromation you will find in the application content is your own responsibility and we do not affiliate in any single way about it.

Strict Content

Any content related to direct gambling and direct betting will be deleted and also your account will be deleted. We strict our content because we are not a gambling service and we do not have legal permission not from any third party company or your country local law to provide gambling services. So we ask you kindly to be responsible and to not share any stricted content. Any sharing or reference of third party gambling business means direct ban and content removal.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Application, or have questions about our practices, please contact us via email at Wonder Bet Support Team